Last week, we were invited to the grand opening of Café Blanca, a beautifully designed space in the heart of downtown Calgary. After speaking with the owners that evening, we were told the idea behind this hip independent coffee house is not only to serve delicious, high quality and fair trade coffee but to provide a creative space for a variety of events.

One of the unique features of this coffee house is their use of a siphon.  We were told this technique was first used in Berlin and then refined in Japan.  Being a couple of science buffs, the glass vessels and heating elements reminded us off being in the chemistry lab again but this time instead of noxious chemicals, the final product was some of the smoothest, full bodied coffee we've ever tasted. The use of the siphon definitely removes some of the mouth puckering acidity that you can sometimes get with normal drip coffee. The special blend of Ethiopian, Sumatran and Colombian beans also has a lot to do with the smooth and rich character of the final product. Perhaps the best part of siphon coffee though, is the experience of watching your drink being skillfully prepared by the well trained baristas who literally have the art down to a science.  

Siphon demonstration

Not only do they serve coffee and teas, but they also feature food on their menu.  On this night, they served up a tasting of chef Michael Christen's creations: bocconcini salad, chicken BLT, house smoked salmon and tiramisu.  
Bocconcini salad taster
Chicken BLT
Smoked salmon
We found the food to be very tasty and went deliciously with the siphon coffee and hibiscus tea served that evening.  Café Blanca's uniquely designed space also lends itself to performers with its stage, with the owners planning jazz and comedy nights just to name a few.  If you have the chance to stop by Café Blanca, we recommend that you take your time to enjoy the space, friendly staff and of course, quality food and drinks.

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